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Stephen is a real honest team player who offers the right advice, even if it makes you uncomfortable. He has deep sales process knowledge, seeking

his advice before those big customer

meetings will help you. - Rama Jayanty


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Sales Leadership Coaching

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sales leadership coaching


Three Programs with guaranteed results from a proven methodology.


Whether you are an experienced Sales Leader, an Individual Contributor, looking to move into a leadership role, or have a Sales Team that WANTS to improve and grow, the reality is that you need the support of your stakeholders to enhance your performance and develop your career.

These Coaching Programs have tailored for the Sales Organization, enabling you to engage with your many stakeholders, seek feedback, benchmark your leadership strengths and areas for improvement to help you focus on 2 or 3 key areas, that will have a dramatic effect on how you are perceived and how you perform.

sales training programs


Skills programs tailored and delivered from a proven value-based methodology.


Are you positioning your real value and following a repeatable successful process?

Fewer salespeople are making Quota, Buyers are more educated, Competition is increasing, Disruption and Commoditization are rising, discount levels are increasing and win rates are dropping.

The IMPAX, value-based, sales methodology and training is not only a theoretical model, but it also shows you how and gives your sales team the tools, processes, and skills needed to adapt and make this change on a daily working basis.

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The Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching methodology is a highly effective, transparent, structured, and time-efficient process that works.

Marshall's successful approach to executive development and coaching includes a strong emphasis on the involvement of stakeholders, implementation of change, and follow-through to measure growth in leadership effectiveness.

IMPAX is a global sales performance improvement company focused on helping value-leading B2B organizations accelerate success and drive growth.


IMPAX combines a rich experience enhancing client success with a continuous drive to improve. They support customers looking to adopt a value-based, consultative approach to sales and customer management.


working with STEPHEN

Over a 25-year successful sales career, both in Asia and EMEA, Stephen has probably had some of the same experiences and has dealt with the same issues that you are currently dealing with.

He has had some great successes and also made some spectacular mistakes along the way ! Both have been great learning opportunities.


Whilst working for both startups and large global multinationals, Stephen consistently demonstrated passion and energy, for people development through sales coaching and sales training across various countries and cultures.


Stephen has trained many hundreds of people in various sales methodologies and soft skills programs in addition to coaching individuals to achieve their goals, during his career to date.

He gives people the skills, tools and processes to help them be even more successful.

Sometimes we think we know what we need, sometimes we just know we need some help because things could be better, either way, schedule an initial discussion.

It could be about Sales Leadership Coaching; it could be about Sales Training or it could be just a simple conversation to help you frame your challenge and discuss options.


Either way, a discussion with Stephen, will help you understand if working with Stephen makes sense for YOU.


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