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As a key stakeholder in your sale organization's performance, you may be seeking ways to help them:

  • Drive a consistent language & process across the sales force

  • Build critical skills & create efficiency

  • Elevate the way in which they interact & do business with customers

  • Competitively differentiate themselves & their value

  • Win more business & increase profit


In direct support of these objectives and others, IMPAX offers a number of sales & account management process workshops. These workshops establish a strong foundation and the path towards attaining sales excellence.



One of the best ways to improve close rate is to select optimal opportunities from the beginning. "Select" helps sales professionals:


  • Assess prospects and opportunities to ensure they are using their time in the best way possible.

  • Ask the right research questions and build relationships, aligning them with influence to understand the organization's leadership, challenges, goals and objectives.


Critical topics in this section are "the coach network" and "research meetings", and how we can develop and leverage both to increase our success.



It is not enough to understand the customer's needs and requirements. "Understand" helps sales professionals:

  1. Deepen their customer knowledge, to understanding the customer's business direction.

  2. To efficiently gather relevant information and insight, develop coach relationships, and understand the business and solution fit with a customer.

Critically, this phase helps sales professionals translate this knowledge and solution into quantified impact on key customer business outcomes.



In order to sell value, sales professionals must get to those who can buy it. "Access" helps salespeople:

Identify decision makers and individuals with influence, define a strategy for reaching these individuals, and navigate people and processes who attempt to block their path to success.



In order to realize the impact of the business fit, salespeople need to:

Deliver compelling, customer-focused messages and presentations that advance the relationship forward.


In "Advance", sales professionals will learn how to chart their course and proactively advance the process.  

Impax clients

IMPAX 2.png

To be considered, we submitted a comprehensive application that included a detailed listing of our offerings for both training and retention, innovative solutions and services we have developed, our company's unique contributions to the sales training marketplace, and Voice of the Customer feedback.

The main criteria used when comparing applicants and selecting the companies to include on this year's list were:

  1. Depth and breadth of training offered

  2. Innovative offerings (specific training courses, methodology, or delivery methods)

  3. Contributions to the sales training market

  4. Strength of client satisfaction


Selling Power magazine editors say the companies on the 2019 Top 20 Sales Training Companies list represent the best potential to help sales teams improve their performance and remain competitive in any selling environment.

We are honored to have earned a place in the Top 20, and look forward to another year of helping sales teams accelerate performance and growth!

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