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Stephen, The Sumitomo Chemical team is indeed fortunate to have had your guidance and expertise during our IMPAX sales training in Vietnam (May 2019).  This training was vital for our business, as we have committed to elevating our commercial team’s skills to understand the customer’s business and work towards a strategic partnership that would benefit our customers and us.  Your contributions were key at multiple levels (A) You took the time to understand the current standing of the team and modulated your guidance to have maximal impact on the different facets of the selling process (B) The team was very comfortable with you and your approach and opened up to some great discussions over the 3 days of training (C) Your long experience with the commercial process and anecdotes of real life examples added to the flavor of the discussion (D) Your specific guidance to the team on enhancing their social skills with digital thrust was impactful and has been adopted by the team. Overall, we are glad and fortunate to have had your expertise and invaluable input and we will reach out to you for guidance as we implement the IMPAX process in this region and beyond.

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Target Audience:

  • Junior Salespeople, or Salespeople working within a simpler sales engagement process.



  • Ideally a 2-day on-site face to face workshop, however, other delivery options are available.

The topics we'll cover include:

  • Territory planning

  • Opportunity assessment

  • Conducting & organizing research

  • Creating a pre-call plan

  • Cultivating a strong network

  • Gaining access to decision-makers

  • Presentation development & delivery

  • Closing & negotiating the sale

  • Handling objections

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NxtGen (tM) 


Target Audience:

  • Experienced Salespeople working on Strategic, Multi-Stakeholder sales engagements where value and differentiation are key success factors.



  • Ideally a 3-day on-site face to face workshop, however, other delivery options are available.

The topics we’ll cover include:

Select - Qualification of Opportunities: The coach network and Research meetings.


Understand - Research and understanding the customer's business: Impact and deliver their desired outcomes.


Access - Identify decision-makers and influencers: Define Strategies for each: Navigate Blockers.


Advance - Assess Business Fit, create and deliver value-based messages and presentations.

Impax 3

FUNDAMENTALs of Front Line Sales Management

Target Audience:

  • Front-line and/ or First-time Sales or Channel managers



  • A 3-day on-site face to face workshop.

The topics we’ll cover include:

  • Role of leadership and Impact on Performance

  • Sales Coaching and Communication

  • Organizational Development - recruiting, onboarding

  • Performance Management

  • Sales Process and Methodology

  • Funnel management



Participants in this course will build actionable capabilities to immediately increase the productivity of themselves and their teams.


sales training Courses

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IMPAX Corporation is a global sales performance improvement company focused on helping value-leading B2B organizations accelerate success and

is a global sales performance improvement company focused on helping value-leading B2B organizations accelerate success and drive growth. 

After researching the Sales Training market, rolling out various Sales Training programs himself during his career, Stephen found an affinity with the IMPAX Organization, their Process of Training, Methodology, and Content.

Through partnership, expertise, and training, they support customers looking to adopt a value-based, consultative approach to sales and customer management. 

IMPAX combines rich experience enhancing client success with a continuous drive to improve. 

Through a robust offering of sales training solutions, workshops, skills programs, deal coaching and more - they help customers effectively position their value, enabling growth, differentiation and a higher level of partnership with customers.


They are differentiated by an intuitive process, focus on execution, global capability, and significant client results. 

These programs:

  • Build Critical Soft Skills

  • Drive a consistent language & process across the sales force

  • Elevates the way you interact & do business with customers

  • Competitively differentiates yourselves & your value

  • Helps you win more profitable, predictable business

Stephen believes that this range of training solutions can have a true impact, and can be easily adopted by salespeople to improve their performance and relationships with their customers.

Some of the customers who use Impax are:


Stephen’s blend of Sales management and Asia regional experience gives him a unique perspective. I can say he would be an accelerator in any business. He ran a number of successful Sales Training Programs and coached a number of the Sales Management team during our time

working together. - Simon Davies


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